Above & Beyond – Trance Around the World 229 – Guest Andy Moor

Posted: 20 August, 2008 in de pe net, Music


Above & Beyond

01. Andy Duguid feat. Leah “Wasted” (Black Hole)
02. Signalrunners feat. Julie Thompson “These Shoulders” [Bart Claessen Edit] (Anjunabeats)
03. Joonas Hahmo “Cocktail Bar” [Ben Macklin Remix] (Anjunadeep)

Record Of The Week
04. Dinka “Chemistry” [Jerome Isma-Ae Remix] (Enormous Tunes)

05. Sensitize “If Only We Could Try” (CDr)
06. Ronski Speed “Aural Slave” (Euphonic)
07. Anhken pres. Frysta “If Not Me” [Mr. Pit Remix] (Enhanced Progressive)
08. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel “In And Out Of Love” [Richard Durand Remix] (Armind)
09. Karybde & Scylla “Aerosphere” (Phoenix Records)
10. Paul van Dyk feat. Ryan Merchant “Talk In Grey” [Paul van Dyk Remix] (High Contrast)
11. Aly & Fila “Dynasty” (Soundpiercing)

Web Vote Winner
12. Dan Stone “Touchdown In Singapore” (CDr)

13. Dave 202 “Pictures In My Mind” (Captivating Sounds)
14. Matt Hardwick “Untitled” [Original Progressive Mix] (CDR)
15. ID-ID
16. Signum “Royal Flash” (A State Of Trance)
17. Paul Miller presents Motion Blur “Take A Look And See” [Dub Mix] (Addictive Global)

Andy Moor

01. ID
02. tyDi “Hide” [Andy Moor’s Ecomix] (AVA)
03. Lange feat. Sarah Howells “Out Of The Sky” [Kyau & Albert Remix] (Maelstrom)
04. Paul van Dyk feat. Ashley Tomberlin “New York City” [Super8 & Tab Remix] (High Contrast)
05. ID (forthcoming on AVA Recordings)

Distractie Placuta !!! by Silviu


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