For all wordpress icon designers

Posted: 25 Octombrie, 2008 in de pe net

This is a call to all designers of icons.You know, that WordPress will launch a new version (2.7), which will include a total dashbord changed and stylized elements web 2.0.They want to know your opinion about us that will be used in this version and to give a hand to design icoanelor used for this version.

We ‘ll need icons for each of the main navigation sections, plus a matching pair of list / excerpt view icons for the table screens like Edit Posts. That’sa total of 13, and for the navigation icons we’ll also need a larger size for use in the headers screen. Some of the sections have natural iconography, while others may be more challenging. The sections are: Dashboard, Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Settings, Users, Plugins, Tools.

You cand find more informations on this post writed by Jane Wells


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